Spies Like Us: Inside China’s World of Espionage in Canada 

© 2010 Brad Kempo B.A. LL.B.

Barrister & Solicitor   


It’s begun!!! – the national awareness campaign, which was scheduled for launch in August.  It has already started thanks in large measure to CSIS Director Richard Fadden.  He paved the way for a full national discussion and debate about China’s non-transparent front row seat in our political and economic systems since the late 1970s.  And fully edifying Canadians – which should have come when The Sidewinder Report was complete in 1996 – will occur when what the Fiefdom treatise discovered and documented is widely disseminated, especially the one to three trillion dollar theft of the country’s prosperity and a multi-institutional abdication of public interest responsibility by three levels of government and the administration of justice – Bench, Bar, attorneys general and law enforcement and by banks, investment firms and the super wealthy.      


It was a reasonable expectation to the point of being an absolute certainty that mainstream media wasn’t going to cover what the RCC was planning to undertake.  So CSIS Director Fadden effected what in forestry circles is called a “clear cut” – leveling all impediments to fundamental reform and accountability for a systemic violation of The Security of Information Act.  One of several ways to alert Canadians to a secret menace operating in our society since the 1970s was in part through a coalition of second tier news agencies that would patchwork together local and regional markets into a national audience.  But that was circumvented – in a good way – when the head of Canada’s spy agency took the initiative.   And exactly a week later Americans authorities poured gasoline on the fire of controversy and delivered another healthy measure of credibility for Fiefdom discoveries with the arrest of ten Russian spies who’d been doing what the research treatise accused totalitarians and triads of doing for over three decades.   



One of the RCC’s invitees, the Asian Pacific Post, published an article that offers insight into what is now the talk of the country.  The article In China’s Model, Anyone and Everyone is a Potential Intelligence Asset is a must-read for everyone who’s upset, nay livid, about Chinese joint governance, economy monopolization and wealth embezzlement estimated to be in the trillions of dollars. 





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